I bought some vindaloo at the penzey's down in Philly (are they anywhere else?). Pretty good. I actually just won a contest on a travel blog, my Iranian/Persian spices showed up today. About to look up recipes to use them. IDK what they even are yet. » 3/25/15 6:43pm 3/25/15 6:43pm

Don't get me wrong, it's always sunny in Philadelphia, but there's so much more interesting stuff outside that tiny segment of this glorious state. This is probably true for most states, but it looks like you spend about 30 miles in PA down by Philly, then about 30 more up by Erie (where it doesn't even have a stop).… » 3/25/15 6:18pm 3/25/15 6:18pm

It's basically been this shit all damn day. Do our esteemed writers have the power to unfluff the situation by moving it lower and giving oppo its throne back? » 3/24/15 8:27pm 3/24/15 8:27pm